Saturday, September 09, 2006

HTML in Row Labels - auto scroll to a particular position

In a Dialog or Grid, Row Labels can include HTML. Normally, your label might be something like "Customer Name", but you could add HTML tags such as <strong>Customer Name</strong> to make the label appear bold, like this: Customer Name. Obviously you can use Alpha's in-line row styles to do the same thing, but there are times when hard-coded HTML in the Row Labels (and elsewhere) are particularly useful.

For example, if you wanted your label to appear on multiple lines, you could type Customer<br>Name.

Here's another example; Customer Name<font color=#ff0000>*</font>; will yield Customer Name*, a nice way to show a field is required.

And one more - you can use bookmarks to automatically scroll the page to a particular position. If you created the same label above like this <a name="myBookmark">Customer Name</a>.

Assuming your A5W page was named Customer.a5w, then if you enter customer.a5w#myBookmark, the page will auto-scroll to that particular label position.

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